• Can EXISTING Ledgers (i.e. Bitcoin / Ethereum) TRANSFER to Hashgraph
  • Started by wai.cheung03
I'm a newbie in the crypto currency and DLT world so please forgive me for my ignorance in these matters...

Hashgraph looks to be another evolutionary/revolutionary step from block chain as an underlying platform for allowing trustworthy data exchange, will this mean the END of BitCOIN and other Crypto currencies running on old obsolete technology or is it theoretically possible to take the entire BITCOIN ledger and transfer it onto Hashgraph to continue functioning from there? 

I can't seem to find ANY information or answers to this question and I thought it would be the number 1 question on the minds of anyone who has invested in Crypto currencies and heard about Hashgraph...

Thanks, in advance,


There is a difference between technically possible and likely ...

Whether or not swapping out the consensus mechanism for hashgraph is technically possible will depend on whether the architecture was designed to allow it, eg HyperLedger

Ethereum's eventual? transition from PoW to PoS will be educational on the issues

Thanks for that Paul.

As I'm looking deeper into this world it is apparent that block-chain in inherently limited by design so forecasts about $1m Bitcoins in 10 year's time all seem academic if the system it's built upon can't function by then!

I was looking at this as a layman and thinking that 'IF it's all about a complete ledger being on everyone's computer to enable trust' then couldn't that ledger just be lift-and-shifted to another platform and then carry on trading within the Hashgraph system?

Might be an over-simplification from my limited perspective as I don't know how deeply rooted the current crypto currencies technical designs are to block-chain principles...