• 2017.11.27 NYC - Fireside Chat with Jordan Fried of Hashgraph
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The Blockchain is largely considered to be a core element of crypto, enabling trust.  However, the serial nature of the Blockchain inhibits its ability to scale.

With a DAG, aka a "Directed Acylcic Graph", there can be a large number of blocks arriving at the same time, and the DAG system is able to  reach consensus leveraging "Gossip", which is information spread by a computer calling up another computer at random, and sharing everything it knows that the other one doesn't.  It's been used for all sorts of things through the decades. In Bitcoin, the transactions are gossiped, and the mined blocks are gossiped.  It's widely used because its so fast (information spreads exponentially fast) and reliable (a single computer going down can't stop the gossip).  The consensus is further enhanced via "gossip about gossip" a concept in which Hashgraph is a thought leader.   

During the Fireside Chat, we'll talk with Jordan Fried, Head of Business Development at Hashgraph, about the history of consensus, and how Hashgraph has blazed a new trail.  We'll talk about the future of Gossip, DAGS, Hashgrpah, and the entire crypto landscape. 

We'll leave plenty of time at the end for questions from the audience and networking with other people in the crypto community who are passionate about Governance and Consensus.  It turns out, they're both things.   

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